Did you know that team ezpz hosts a blab every month? It’s called The ezpz Mealtime Show, and it is where parents and professionals share tips on feeding children who struggle to eat.

Our latest blab topic was Tips on Feeding a Child with Visual Impairments. We had three amazing moms on the show that shared their personal stories of feeding children with low vision. We discussed feeding tips that work; what mealtime independence and acceptance looks like; when to provide help during mealtime; what contrast means to these kids; mealtime behaviors; textures and texture aversion; verbal and tactile cues; how their kids eat with them versus at school. Overall, these moms shared how they have turned these kiddos into great eaters despite having low vision! You can watch the recording here: https://blab.im/ezpz-tips-on-feeding-a-child-with-visual-impairments.

If you aren't familiar with Blab, it is an online video conversation platform where you can video chat in front of a live audience. It’s gaining fast popularity since it’s connected to Twitter. Follow us on blab.im (ezpzfun) and come join the conversation!

Happy Feeding!

Dawn Winkelmann, M.S, CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist & Feeding Specialist for ezpz

Dawn Winkelmann, a.k.a “Ms. Dawn”, has treated thousands of kids across the globe by helping families overcome picky eating stages and food refusals, while adding new foods into their diet. Her high success rate is attributed to Ms. Dawn bringing her education, experience, sense of humor and her favorite feeding products to the family dinner table.

You will find Ms. Dawn’s expert feeding advice to be positive and fun for the entire family! She adapts complicated feeding/swallowing research and makes it practical and easy for parents! Get ready to learn the science behind your favorite feeding products and ways to bring happy family mealtimes back!

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