It is official; we have a book!

We always knew a book was a MUST DO, but we never imagined it would come together so quickly.

Once we decided to create a book we were off and running! The entire ezpz team flew to Denver from all over, including California, New York and Canada. We had a multi-day team sleepover at the Laurain household (yup, 7 adults, 3 kids and a dog!) and shot all of the beautiful creations we can now share with you. We always say that our team is like a family, and we really live it.

We chose to utilize the Happy Mat because it is our flagship product and the invention that started this amazing journey. Since the Happy Mat is geared to kids who are feeding themselves, the book’s focus is on toddlers (1 to 3-year-olds).

The Happy Mat is an amazing tool to keeps toddlers’ attention and focus on the fun aspect of food. Food introduction should be an experience you look forward to – and what better way to introduce a new food then by putting it in the Happy Mat!