If we could spend every second giving back, we would! I fell in love with Noah the minute I saw him and recently had the chance to meet him and his wonderful family. My notes with Stacy, Noah's mom, date back to September of last year. Check out the first note I sent (below) as well as Noah's blog: Noah's Miracle.

Note from Lindsey, September 18th, 2014

My name is Lindsey Laurain and I am the founder of ezpz, a company that designs products to make mealtime with kids easier, less messy and more fun. We recently launched our first product, the Less Mess Happy Mat, an integrated placemat & plate the suctions to the table (really suctions). As orders and suggestions have rolled in, I have received many notes from parents that have children with autism, Down syndrome and other disabilities.

So, why am I reaching out to you? I know that you are a true inspiration to many and I was hoping Noah might be able to test our product out. We are passionate about finding products for children with disabilities, and I was thrilled to find out that the Happy Mat may fit the bill. That said; I am not an expert on children with exceptionalities (though I’m a strong ally!) and would appreciate any advice/input you can provide. What are your thoughts on the Happy Mat and how it can best serve this community? Are there any enhancements or tweaks that you would suggest to make the mat more useful? Would you or the families in your circle be willing to test the Happy Mat and provide feedback?

On March 22nd I visited Noah with Dawn, who (as you know) is an ezpz employee as well as a certified Speech and Feeding Therapist. Dawn was able to work her magic and give Noah's parents some great "feeding tips". Following our visit, Stacy sent a very touching note that I would like to share:

"Sometimes when you pray really hard for help, and it arrives. We've been wanting to explore a feeding therapist for Noah for a very long time to help him grow into solid food and learn to suck through a straw. However, it's really hard in our area to find both a Speech Therapist who specializes in feeding and communication. We learned so much in such a short time, and have our fingers crossed that Ms. Dawn will be a part of Noah's life on a regular basis. Already Noah's tongue thrust while eating has diminished greatly, and we believe new feeding techniques also has the potential to reduce his gag reflex. What a blessing of a visit. Thank you Ms. Dawn"

We are planning to give back and offer FREE webinars so we can give more parents / therapists access to these tips, answer common questions, address myths, etc. #bekind #celebratetoday #wecandothis