For those of you who don’t know me, hello, my name is Lindsey and I am the founder of ezpz.

We have three boys; Brody is five and Chase and Drew are identical twins who just turned 3! Twins do NOT run in our family, so I am sure you can imagine what a shock the “twin news” was! In honor of our Mommy Warrior Mom Crush, I thought I would share my story of the not so fun times after Chase and Drew were born (cliffs notes version).

I had a great pregnancy and delivery (same as Brody) and delivered Super Bowl Sunday at 36 weeks. We took Chase and Drew home with us and, besides Brody being REALLY sick, things were great. Unfortunately, Brody’s sickness was RSV (deadly respiratory virus for infants) and quickly spread to Chase/Drew.

Long story short, we landed back in the hospital for the 2 worst weeks of our life. Seeing your babies life flighted and intubated is NO fun. The first 5 months turned out to be super challenging ☹ The boys had terrible GI issues and, hence, barely slept, cried most of the time and struggled through every meal.

Luckily, after 6 months things got better for the boys, but actually got worse for me! I honestly think I was a mess the entire time but when I finally had time to stop being a “warrior” I broke down. My anxiety, severe insomnia and constant worrying was all-consuming. With some therapy, an AMAZING husband, family, friends and support system (Baby Center) and medicine (ha!) I recovered and got back to myself. Phew!

I never imagined I would be an entrepreneur, but I hope through this journey I can inspire others to follow their dreams - or just overcome a troubling time. Looking back, I am so grateful for what I went through because I can now relate to all of the moms who struggle with postpartum issues or have kids who struggle to eat.

Stay strong mommas, you can do it!