You’re going to love this green side dish that both tickles your mature palate and doesn’t scare the kids off! Tips to Make it a Complete Meal: Serve alongside To Herb or Not to Herb Boneless Chicken Thighs.

When properly prepared and roasted until slightly brown, brussels sprouts taste tender, delicate and buttery (probably nothing like that holiday dish you were forced to eat as a kid!) Combining brussels with the natural sweetness of roasted apples will have your kids clamoring for more! As part of the cruciferous family, brussels sprouts are packed with vital nutrients such as vitamin K, C, A and Folate. More importantly, the sulfur-containing compounds found in brussels give them cancer-protective properties with studies showing regular consumption can reduce the risk of colon cancer. Brussels also have properties that support your body’s natural detoxification processes and promote a healthy gut. Take a leap and try Danielle’s recipe that dresses up these green balls of magic into a tasty dish that everyone can enjoy.

Brussels Sprouts with Apples & Shallots


6-8 cups

Cook Time

40 minutes

Total Time

50 minutes

  • 1 2 lbs. bag of small to medium brussels sprouts, halved
  • 3 medium apples such as gala, large diced
  • ½ medium apple such as gala, peeled and sliced into half moons* (infants only)
  • 3 shallots, diced
  • 2 Tbs. maple syrup
  • 1 - 2 Tbs. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 Tbs. tamari (or soy sauce)
  • Celtic sea salt
  1. Preheat oven to 400℉
  2. In large bowl, toss all ingredients, except salt, until thoroughly coated.  
  3. In a large rectangular glass dish or a sheet pan with sides, spread brussels mixture evenly on pan. Be sure to give brussels plenty of space.
  4. Roast 40 minutes until brussels are tender and just starting to brown, mixing half way through. Larger brussels will take longer to achieve browning and tenderness.
  5. If serving baby under 12 months, put aside a serving of brussels mixture. Sprinkle sea salt to taste on remaining brussels mixture.  

If serving a baby under 12 months using BLW, cut ½ of an apple, peel and slice into ¼“ thick half moons. Cook these apples off to the side in your baking dish to keep track of them.

For the ages

For Babies: BLW

The combination of the flavors in this brussels dish create a balanced flavor that your little one will surely find interesting.

Portion Size:

1-2 brussels, 2 apple half moons


Brussels sprouts, apples

Serving Tip(s):

Serve large brussels sprout halves and apple half moons in a tiny bowl or a tiny mat if serving alongside other foods such as To Herb or Not To Herb Chicken Thighs. Don’t be surprised if she goes for the apples first!

For Babies: Traditional

Pureeing this recipe tastes just as delicious (you might even consider making it a soup for yourself!)

Portion Size:

1 - 2 Tbs.


Brussels sprout mixture, filtered water or breast milk

Serving Tip(s):

Puree brussels sprouts mixture with a preferred liquid until desired consistency is reached. Serve in the tiny mat and feed him with a tiny spoon. Let your baby eat as much as he wants.

For Toddlers

No toddler ever denied roasted apples. Plus, this recipe throws in a few magical greens too!

Portion Size:

2-3 Tbs.


Brussels sprouts mixture (with lots of apples!)

Serving Tip(s):

Serve warm in happy bowl or happy mat if alongside other foods such as lentils, organic sausage or To Herb or Not to Herb Boneless Chicken Thighs. Let your child eat as much or as little of brussels mixture as she desires.

For Grown-Ups

This roasted brussels recipe is so yummy that you’ll be kicking yourself for passing on the brussels for so many decades.

Portion Size:

½ to ¾ cup


Brussels sprouts mixture

Serving Tip(s):

Serve warm. Make it a Complete Meal: Serve alongside a main dish such as lentils, To Herb or Not to Herb Boneless Chicken Thighs or Sweet and Savory Pulled Pork.

Happy Eating!

Danielle Shea-Tan, MS, CHHC

Functional Family Nutritionist

Danielle is passionate about helping families ditch processed foods and start making real, wholesome food that is both simple and delicious. She blows our minds with fascinating "nutritional nuggets" about foods and herbs. Danielle also recently wrote a book called "52 Small Changes for the Family," an inspiring guide that helps families make one small change each week to improve their overall happiness and health. You can learn more about Danielle at 

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